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My wife and I were investigating ways to earn a little extra income and decided to enter the US property market. This was a brave move as we do not live in the US and being remote makes such an on hands business so difficult -

As most things seem to be.

My wife avidly pursued a costly course which we thoroughly enjoyed and felt this was certainly the opportunity we had waited for. All was postponed suddenly before completion of the course as another opportunity presented itself purely by chance, regarding the cryptocurrency arena.
We knew nothing about this developing market except that people have made fortunes and lost them all in the same time frame. - Frightening!

This opportunity sparked our imagination immediately realizing that this was an even greater opportunity with far less risks involved, definitely less complicated and far less players. 

We put US property aside and eagerly sought to learn more about this even newer opportunity. 

We investigated, read and were introduced to a global player who we want to share with you later on. 

This sudden opportunity is changing our lives for the better. I started to learn about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Alt coins and decided maybe I can get work in the field and give up my very physical business. So I took a University course aimed at a BSc Degree. I am waiting for my results from the first exam I took.

To cut to the chase - We are receiving a weekly dollar income, not a fortune but it does boost our pension.

Keep reading this site as we continue our "dreemz". Pursuing this exciting new technology that will revolutionize financial transactions worldwide, open borders and unite people as never before. If you dislike bureaucracy, the banking fraternity, the complications with the services government's provide us with, even down to the value of the money we use being eroded; then you need to start using and understanding the disruptive technology of decentralization. 

We need less NOT more control over people's lives and the new technology we will soon embrace will have significant social implications. We need a financial system based on trust. This technology will change Banking, Supply Chains, Healthcare the Energy sector and even Government. It may even replace Fiat currency altogether in the future.

The future of Cryptocurrency is on its way

Everone can be their own bank

This site is about learning how to make a passive income with our personal one to one mentoring, affiliated to one of the leading global companies in the field of Blockchain and mining cryptocurrency technology. You can also get the latest  news in this arena and learn about this exciting subject which will be life changing for many of us


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This website is not only about earning a passive income but also a place where you can get the latest  constantly changing news in the exciting arena of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. A knowledge base as well as a place where your questions will be answered by a real person in real time.

We will be connecting with a number of trusted outside sources so you can learn about this emerging field from the experts.


Although every endevour will be made to bring you accurate and useful information we cannot be held accountable if you do not make the effort to check and examine the facts.

Never invest money you cannot afford to to lose is the basic proposition. Making investments buying cryptocurrency is like gambling on the stock exchange.