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How to earn passive income

What is a passive income?
Passive income is a flow of income received on a regular basis.
The aquisition of such income requiring minimal to no effort to create and maintain. 

Examples are:  revenue and royalties from investments, books, songs, rent, eBook sales, stocks, shares & bonds, private lending, affiliate marketing, blogging and other such activities. 

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Ways to work with us

Here are the ways you can earn through us

  1. TRADING - Various algorithm trading packages are available to suit all pockets. There are 7 of them. The company has an amazing track record with their exclusive algorithm bot. You purchase a renewable licence to use the bot for a chosen period up to 48 weeks. Trading income automatically goes into your crypto wallet every week. It does not matter if your preffered asset drops in price it does not affect your income.
  2. CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING - lifetime cloud mining packages. Solo mining is mainly unprofitable as the rewards go to those huge mining operations with blazingly fast Hash power. You can join a Chinese Mining Pool but you will receive low shared returns. With us you will benefit from one of the largest in house mining factories in the world.
  3. DIRECT SALES - earn a 10% commission on the business volume from every package sold. No limitation to how many packages you can sell and no cap on the amount of income you can earn.  Packages range from $100 to $25,000. Commissions paid weekly.
  4. TEAM COMMISSIONS - Weekly team commissions paid as a reward for helping and supporting those who join your team. Earn 10% from the total business volume. 
  5. LEADERSHIP MATCHING BONUS - Once you reach a certain level, you can earn weekly Bonuses on the Team Commissions of your personally sponsored. Earn up to six levels of sponsorship in each downline. Every time someone in your personal team earns a team commission cycle, you could earn a Matching Bonus.
  6. TEAM VOLUME BONUS - Once you reach a certain level, you can begin earning a monthly Team Volume Bonus. As long as you reach the rank, and each of your personal teams from both legs of your binary tree meet the corresponding volume goals for that month, you will earn the bonus.
  7. RANK ADVANCEMENT BONUS AND REWARDS - As your business grows, you will have the opportunity to meet various sales and team building milestones. The company has recognition of your achievements and status within the company. There are 9 ranks and many bonuses and rewards to keep you busy and satisfied for years to come!

If you feel you wish to learn more about the opportunities this company offers and would like to get personal mentoring in how to get extra income communicate with us using the contact form above.

Note: We receive commissions when you join through our FREE mentoring program and purchase or invest in the company we are affiliated with.

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 There are other interesting ways to earn a supplemental income within the Crypto arena:

Micro earnings - If you sit in front of a computer screen all day Join one or more of the micro earning sites. Time consuming method to earn crypto. You can earn fractions of a coin which will mount up.  

Faucet Claims - Usually every 15 minutes or every hour you receive for completing simple tasks to get a number of Satoshis
Own a faucet - earn money from selling ads on your site.

Bitcointalk Signature Campaign - See site

Trading Bitcoin - Buy low sell high. You may gain or not!

Lend Bitcoins - Bitcoin lending platforms. Earn interest.

Gambling Bitcoin - Play the Bitcoin Casinos . You may win you may lose!

Airdrops - Used as a promotional gimmick to advertise the existence of a new  altcoin by giving them away.